Guangzhou Safari Park

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Well your probably w0ndering who that in the purple shirt on the right. ok thats my friend Cindy. We were at the safari park and we borded a train to take us around to see the animals.


Ok now we have gotten off the train and were feeding the gerraffis and one of the younger kids actually got lifted up off the ground cause he wouldn’t let go of his branch!!


We fed baby lions chopped up chicken and played with baby tigers. It was cool.



Today, we have just taken the subway and went to the toy market and I find this place wear they have these chinese legos and I think there really cool so we buy some sets and go back to the hotel to play. My mom still wants to shop as this is the shopping capitol of the world!!!


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More pictures


To day I’m really excited because my family and I are going to the monastery at Kumbum temple and I’m also excited because I also get to play in the snow too.

Now I’m going out to dinner and are any of my friends reading this your being to quiet!!!!!    I’ll write more later! Write me a note!!!!

Visiting a Tibetan village

I am wearing a “chupa”. Pema bought  Ying and I one to celebrate Tibetan New Year. Well all I have to say is my repution is ruined, you know before I  would never be caught dead in one, because it looks like a dress, but it turns out even even the guys wear chupas here and any way it comes with this super cool hat!!!

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Well lets get around to the food, the food was great, well I at least thought so.Well my favoret dish was the dumplings and the yack was good too.There were 6 kinds of bread and yak butter tea. Dad was served “momo” which is made by putting a ton of Yak butter in a dish, adding broth and then barley flour. It smells like popcorn and kindof tastes like it too. You make a hole in the top and drink the broth then you mix it up with your fingers to make a ball.


Everyone sang and danced after we ate. We sang Magnifico.



MY TIBETAN BROTHER      Well just to day I found out I had a brother but he was Tibetan and we’re not siblings by blood but my mom has adopted him and paid for his school since he was 14. he is an orphan  but he does have a grandma that he loves dearly and that has taken care of him. He’s about 22 now and its great that Mom gets to see him again.He is just about to finish college and is interested in the profession of teaching.

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Well its just about 2 and Pema (Pema is my parent’s sponsored son) is taking us out to lunch at this Tibetan restaurant; he shows us around– the place is filled with priceless treasures. Well now for the food.  I have to explain, it’s hard to put into words.  My nose told me the place was good.  I know it sounds weird, but I just knew that my nose was always right.  The place smelled like incense and peppers, and fresh vegetables that you probably wouldn’t see in America.  The Yak butter tea, I have to say, was pretty good but just wasn’t for me. The second course, corn–delicious corn.  I couldn’t believe how good that corn was, spicy but sweet.  Third course-the meat.  I think it was great, really good.  It was Yak.  I’ve never tasted Yak but it tasted pretty good to me.  This wasn’t really a course, it was bread, but I have to say that it was a course for me.  For dessert there was yogurt with rice and sugar.

Xue Yan Day (Xue Yan means Glorious Snow!)

Well  I’m really excited because my mom’s friend is adopting a baby from Xining, and the people here are Tibetan and Muslim here. The people with white hats are Muslims, and did you know that yesterday Monday was the Tibetan new year?

Ok,  we’ve just arrived at the adoption center, and Catey, my mom’s friend is just finishing the papers. It’s been a few minutes and the papers are finished and they are bringing Lily out (Lily is the baby Catey is adopting).

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It’s good Lilys happy now.


       It seems like Ying has the magic touch. Lily cried on her shoulder until she went to sleep for a few minutes then she was ok and went to let her new mom hold her. Being adopted is hard.

Important new Chinese words

Today I worked to learn important new words like:

“Please stop it Grandma. I am not cold”

This is for the old ladies that chase me down the street and poke and slap me because they do not think I am wearing enough clothing. The kids here wear very thick clothes. They do not think that jeans and a tshirt are enough. there is snow on the ground and the river is frozen. The highway outside is the only road to Tibet. It looks like a normal freeway

I also learned “I want fresh rice noodles”

They are the best. The fried naan is good here. I LOVE the food.

We went to the people’s Park and listened to music and watched the Tibetans dance. it is almost Tibetan New Year and they are celebrating. The Dali Lama was born 20 miles from here. We will go to there on wednesday. they will still be celebrating. There are fireworks tonight

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