MY TIBETAN BROTHER      Well just to day I found out I had a brother but he was Tibetan and we’re not siblings by blood but my mom has adopted him and paid for his school since he was 14. he is an orphan  but he does have a grandma that he loves dearly and that has taken care of him. He’s about 22 now and its great that Mom gets to see him again.He is just about to finish college and is interested in the profession of teaching.

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Well its just about 2 and Pema (Pema is my parent’s sponsored son) is taking us out to lunch at this Tibetan restaurant; he shows us around– the place is filled with priceless treasures. Well now for the food.  I have to explain, it’s hard to put into words.  My nose told me the place was good.  I know it sounds weird, but I just knew that my nose was always right.  The place smelled like incense and peppers, and fresh vegetables that you probably wouldn’t see in America.  The Yak butter tea, I have to say, was pretty good but just wasn’t for me. The second course, corn–delicious corn.  I couldn’t believe how good that corn was, spicy but sweet.  Third course-the meat.  I think it was great, really good.  It was Yak.  I’ve never tasted Yak but it tasted pretty good to me.  This wasn’t really a course, it was bread, but I have to say that it was a course for me.  For dessert there was yogurt with rice and sugar.


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