Xue Yan Day (Xue Yan means Glorious Snow!)

Well  I’m really excited because my mom’s friend is adopting a baby from Xining, and the people here are Tibetan and Muslim here. The people with white hats are Muslims, and did you know that yesterday Monday was the Tibetan new year?

Ok,  we’ve just arrived at the adoption center, and Catey, my mom’s friend is just finishing the papers. It’s been a few minutes and the papers are finished and they are bringing Lily out (Lily is the baby Catey is adopting).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s good Lilys happy now.


       It seems like Ying has the magic touch. Lily cried on her shoulder until she went to sleep for a few minutes then she was ok and went to let her new mom hold her. Being adopted is hard.


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