Visiting a Tibetan village

I am wearing a “chupa”. Pema bought  Ying and I one to celebrate Tibetan New Year. Well all I have to say is my repution is ruined, you know before I  would never be caught dead in one, because it looks like a dress, but it turns out even even the guys wear chupas here and any way it comes with this super cool hat!!!

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Well lets get around to the food, the food was great, well I at least thought so.Well my favoret dish was the dumplings and the yack was good too.There were 6 kinds of bread and yak butter tea. Dad was served “momo” which is made by putting a ton of Yak butter in a dish, adding broth and then barley flour. It smells like popcorn and kindof tastes like it too. You make a hole in the top and drink the broth then you mix it up with your fingers to make a ball.


Everyone sang and danced after we ate. We sang Magnifico.



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