Did you know?

That pandas make laughing noises and they like to gently pat you all over? sort of scary when you look at their teeth and claws becasue they are cute but they are still really a bear.

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They have really sharp teeth and claws. Kind of scary when they start batting at you and smiling

teenaged pandas!they were really active todayThey have really sharp teeth and claws. Kind of scary when they start batting at you and smiling

In the air and on the way!

OK, we’ve just got on the plane about 12:30 at night but I think the wait was totally worth it because the plane was super cool.  You get your own TV with video games and all and also you don’t have to share any of your things!

Day Two- I look out the window.  All I see is darkness but then I start to see a reddish-orange color on the horizon.  Soon we are on the ground.  I doze off a little enjoying the peace when the pilot says, “We are now on the ground and please passengers slowly! get out of of your seats and retrieve your luggage.”  The everyone jumps up and starts taking their luggage out of the compartments like their lives depended on it.

So now we’re out of the plane and getting on a much simpler plane and a lot smaller, too!

Day Three- My family has just landed in Guilin Airport and are hitching a ride with some old friends.  OK, we’ve just arrived at the hotel, but the place is really small and cold but it is totally worth it because next door are a bunch of cute puppies about the size of both your fists and we went out to breakfast and it was really good.

Day Four- I woke up early in the morning, got dressed, had a shower and went outside with my family.  There was Bob (he was our guide).  We piled into the taxi and drove to a very small village and he showed us around, then we saw someone near the chickens.  She welcomed us in and gave us water chestnuts and sat us down near the warm fire and talked and gave us food and let us watch the basketball game on their Blue Ray TV.  An hour or so later we thanked them and left.  We went back to the hotel and relaxed for a few minutes then went down to greet Gisong’s parents.  Gisong is a friend of my brother Willie.  We said our hellos and then Gisong’s parents introduced their friend Mike Evans (Mike’s daughter Marissa went to Caspar Creek) and we took a stroll down to the park then took a shortcut to the market.  We didn’t get anything but we saw a lot a lot of things and after that we said goodbye and went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Day Five- I wake up and look out the window.  I only see darkness,  I fall back and close my eyes then I wake up; it is morning.  I hear trucks and  cars going up and down the streets.  A fresh morning smell fills my nostrils.  I look out the window-only two or three people are out at this time.  I wake my parents. Soon we are all dressed in our crisp warm clothes and ready to go to breakfast.  We walk slowly down the stairs to our destination.  We fill up and head out the door.  We walk quickly and softly across the street, hand in hand, then Ying and I charge for the park.  We have a blast but of course we must go the cooking class.  We meet up with Bob shortly, he shows us the cooking place.  We walk in silently.  Inside is a woman.  She welcomes us in then sits us down and hands us some menus.  We pick sweet and sour pork and fried beans and dumplings.

Aiying vists her orphanage

another day in Yangshuo

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It is really busy. We had dinner and walked all over town with Jisangs parents and Mike Evans. his daughter Marissa went to CCLC too.

Today I saw a Chinese bee hive and people unwrapping silk cocoons, Yesterday I went to cooking school I hope the pictures show up this time.

baby Panda

Isn't that the cutest?

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